The Call Me Ishmael Project

gay rights

The Call Me Ishmael Project is the brainchild of Jacques Rosas, who has survived two violent hate crimes in his lifetime.

From the Project page:

These are the first three words of the most epic tale of survival known to the Western world. The protagonist, Ishmael, survives the fury of Moby Dick and lives to tell his tale to the rest of the world. Call Me Ishmael seeks hate crime survivors from the LGBT community to tell their experiences of triumph over adversity.

Sponsored and produced by Shop Studios, home to TV Interviews (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and more), documentary productions, art and fashion showcases, film sets and more.

We invite anyone with a story (whether you are a survivor, the family of a victim or survivor, witness, police, administrator or politician, teacher, student) to come to our studios for an interview in NYC to be included in our documentary series.

Visit for more information about this project, or to find out how you can get involved.